Travel Manager

AddeThe TravelManager release notes provide a comprehensive guide for the latest release of TravelManager.

9.2.6 (3rd June 2010)

Added “State / Provence” when entering in a quote
Improved the way in whcih “Name” of location shows up when quote is generated
Added more advanced referencing fields to cross reference customer generated numbers with TravelManager generated reference numbers
Added “Customer Comment’, “Additional Requirements” & “Notes” to auto generated invoices
Added mileage generated to online generated quotes to make consistent with internally generated quotes
Fixed issue with calendar moving forward a month instead of a day when clicking “tomorrow”
Added SSL log and certificate to footer on every page
When sending email to customer added auto send to yourself as a bcc: to your accounts username
Improved the quote dashboard widget to reflect the new status’ available now the quotation status template engine is in place

9.2.5 (28th May 2010)

Added cancellation fee functionality so administrators can define their cancellation fee policy and auto bill if accepted quotes are cancelled within pre-defined periods prior to the event date
Improvements to CSS on mapping functionality so that maps can be displayed on both internally created and widget created quotes

9.2.4 (26th may 2010)

Added cancellation fee variables to email templates engine so that users can include details of any cancellation fee in default emails sent to customers

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