Travel Manager

Quoting & Invoicing

If you are a business that provides quotes for Private Hire or Chaffeur work, then our quoting and invoicing solution is perfect for you.

Our quoting module is very flexible and allows you to create the perfect quoting algorithm specific to your business. You can edit a number of variables to generate the perfect quote every time. You will no longer be tied to having that one person in the office understand how to quote for work as anyone will be able to generate accurate and consistent quotes with only the basic job information from the customer. You can set the following variables:-

  • Pence per mile
  • Driving time hourly rate
  • Waiting time hourly rate
  • Passenger / Seat vehicle size rate
  • Time of day rates (eg. Extra £20 for jobs between midnight and 6am
  • Day of the year rates (eg. £25 extra for jobs on Christmas Day)
  • Multiple pickup rates (eg. £10 extra for up to 2 additional pickup points)

The system then uses your variables each and every time a quote is generated.

All quotes are saved and logged in the system and can be recalled at anytime through the powerful search tools. You can also accept quotes and turn them into work requests and then assign drivers and vehicles to ensure that all of your work is covered.

TravelManager also enables you to see which invoices are outstanding so that you can chase late payment and keep on top of your cashflow.


We recommend that you get as much information from the customer as possible when they ask for a quote. It not only makes searching for those customers in the future easier but also allows you to build up a picture of your customer bases needs and also a marketing list for the future in case you need to drum up additional business.

If you need assistance or more information on route planning and optimisation then give us a call and we’ll be glad to assist.

Want to generate more business?

Need help generating more business? We only work with the Motorcoach industry. We don't do websites for plumbers or retail outlets. So we know exactly what works for your business.

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Our portfolio includes:

We can also provide you with EMail marketing campaign services which allow you to keep your customers and prospective customers informed on the services that you provide. Let us take the hassle out of generating new leads and increasing your work.