Travel Manager

Contact Management

All businesses have customers, suppliers and / or partners with which they deal with on a frequent and sometimes infrequent basis. Everytime you interact with one of these, time is of the essence, customers want the answer now not in 10mins time. Suppliers want to know what you require so they can process your order and move onto the next customer not spend 30mins trying to understand what you mean. Its therefore important to be able to pull up those customer or supplier records as fast as possible in order to be able to interact with them quickly.

Alternatively, you may have a requirement to purchase some goods or service from someone but you cannot remember who you dealt with last time or how much you paid for it previously. Again, contact management comes into its own in situations like these.

The TravelManager contact management module is built around the basic premise that you should be able to find information easily and effortlessly. So we have whats called full text search capability so no matter what you type in about a customer or supplier you will be able to find it at anytime in the future.

The system also makes it easier to find out information about your customer base in general. Such as:-

  • Who is your most valuable customer
  • Which customers are good debtors and which ones always pay late
  • Which customers waste lots of time asking for quotes but only accept a few
  • What supplers charged you in the past for a particular product or service so you can compare costs / quotes
  • Which suppliers provide a better service, even though they may be slightly more expensive

You can also use the contact information to market to your customer base about new services or special offers. Imaginge being able to send an email to all of your past customers wishing them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and keep your business in the front of their decision making process for less and a few pence in time and energy.


Contacts are key assets of any business. You should ensure that all of your customer and supplier information is regularly reviewed so that any marketing campaigns are effective and that you are always getting the best deals from suppliers for goods and services.

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