Travel Manager
  • TravelManager API Services

    We have provided a number of API's so you can extend TravelManager's capabilities. Here you can find the technical details on how to use the API's

API Description: API returns a list of companies with admin data, including but not limited to ftp login details, token for the contact us widget.

API URL:{$appid}&token={$token}

Variables in the URL:

*  appid : your unique application ID

*  token : your unique token

HTTP Method: GET

Example – Response Code 700 (Successful)

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<rsp stat=”valid” code=”700″ created-at=”2009-08-10T12:05:35+01:00″>
<companyName>Lamers Bus Lines, Inc.</companyName>

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