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Every Bus and Tour Operator knows the value of getting your website listed highly on the search engines and this has driven the demand for companies to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services.

So when developing the latest version of Tours for TravelManager we wanted to insure that your tours would get indexed quickly by the likes of Google and Bing. To do this we create static HTML pages dynamically, which basically means that rather than having the pages created via a database when the customer makes a request, the tour pages are performed. (This is a big deal for search engines in helping them read the pages and for creating nice search engine friendly URL’s).

For example:

1) Traditional Solutions usually create a URL like this: (No SEO value)

2) while Travelmanager creates URL’s like this: (Clearly shows it’s a City Sightseeing tour in Copenhagen)

**This also helps search engines categorize your web pages and along with some other proven techniques for tags and image labels we’re seeing our customers website shoot up the search engines.

TravelManager Tours Automatic SEO Tours in TravelManager – Helps your website with SEO

TravelManager Tours Automated Search Engine Optimization

Blog Post Update:

Here’s something nice that I thought I should update to this blog post regarding the channels used by Travel buyers…

Travel Buyer Channels Tours in TravelManager – Helps your website with SEO

Travel Buyer Channels

Source  - “Consumer Response to Travel Site Performance” – PhoCusWright, Market Research

With all the updates taking place in TravelManager at the moment we thought it would be a nice idea to update our website. Here’s a sneak preview of the new design, we’re including a new Tour, a great support area and more…

TravelManager Launching New Website New TravelManager Website – Launching soon

TravelManager Launching New Website



Tours in TravelManager now supports resellers, where you can now set tiered commissions for resellers. The feature is an extension of online booking for tours so as well as taking credit card payment* Tour Operators can manage their network of resellers on one common platform.

See all your online sales, over the phone sales and now your reseller sells in one location. Manage availability in TravelManager and yield manage pricing and availability based on demand with access to reports on all your distribution channels.

Setting up a reseller is easy:

Resellers in TravelManager Get Resellers selling your Tours with TravelManager

Add Tour Resellers using TravelManager

And commissions can have up to 5 tiers either for every grade of reseller:

Tiered Commissions on Tours in TravelManager1 Get Resellers selling your Tours with TravelManager

Tiered Commissions on Tours in TravelManager

*If you’re interested in using TravelManager for Tours or to run your business we provide weekly webinars on TravelManager every Tuesday and Thursday email for more information.



eamonn Get Resellers selling your Tours with TravelManager

*Credit card payment’s processed via Paypal but TravelManager has the ability to use 3rd party gateways for companies with their own merchant account and service provider.

If you’re looking to drive more business in 2010, then Email and Search Marketing is what you should be looking at. In 2009 these two media we’re the top performing adverting channels and this trend is liable to increase with marketers increasing their investments in digital marketing channels.

most effective marketing channels 2009 datran Trying to Market your Business? Email and Search Performed Best in 2009

Strongest performing advertising channels

Source: MarketingProfs

*If you’re operating a Bus or Motorcoach company, your website should be a top priority for 2010 to drive brand awareness and revenue.



eamonn Trying to Market your Business? Email and Search Performed Best in 2009

It’s been a busy few months and we’ve a lot of new features rolling out every week from now. The first major release of our Tours solution is now live and ready to use with our first customer the Global Passenger Network now accepting bookings online for their tours.

GPN Tours Large TravelManager Launches Tours for the Global Passenger Network

GPN Launch Tours with TravelManager

Over the next few weeks I’m going to take you through all the great features of this new Tour facility but for the moment we think the best thing you can do is have a look at the tours in action.

GPN Tours: Read More



eamonn TravelManager Launches Tours for the Global Passenger Network

Internet technology is changing the world and today Apple release their vision of the future of Internet access. The iPad Tablet is the starting point for an even more connected customer, but do your staff have the right tools?

TravelManager Lauching App for Tablet1 Is your Business ready for the future?

TravelManager Lauching App for iPad Tablet

If you’re not online, you don’t exist to a growing customer base. This customer wants to work with you on their terms, when and where they want. Is your business ready for the future?

**TravelManager are leading the group travel and transport industry, why don’t you join us when we launch next month at UMA in Las Vegas.


eamonn Is your Business ready for the future?

Eamonn Hughes

Royal Coach Tours launched their new website today designed by uTrackWeb and powered by TravelManager. The website is search engine friendly, has a content management system, a live chat client and reinforces the quality of Royal Coach Tours with high quality photographs.

Royal Coach Tours 299x300 Royal Coach Tours – New Website Launch

Royal Coach Tours - New Website

**The website uses the customizable TravelManager quotation widget to insure Royal Coach Tours customers get the highest level of customer service.