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As part of the Multi Vehicle / Day / Movements update to TravelManager we’re changing modules to support the new design. This involves adding more options and fields as well as updating the reports and widgets.

This week we’re going to be updating the Vehicles module with 2 minor changes:

1)   “Vehicle Type” will now use the same vehicle types used on the online quotation widget. This gives you total flexibility on the name and types of vehicles you present to the customer and use internally to reference vehicles

2)   “Details” has been added to allow for a short description for the new design e.g. Motorcoach with 54 seats has: “Leather Seats, Restroom & Airconditioning”

Changes to vehicles Updates to Vehicles Module (in development)

Update to Vehicle Module in TravelManager

*This feature is not on the live server yet but we recommend that you check you vehicle types in Account Information -> Admin -> Charter Settings (Private Hire Settings).


eamonn Updates to Vehicles Module (in development)

Documents such as PDF’s or Word Docs can be attached to any email template created in TravelManager. This feature allows for operators to attach terms and conditions, marketing information about their fleet and company or any type of document that would be of value to send with an email template.

As will all features of the email templates the user can override the default options to remove or add additional attachments on per charter / private hire basis.

Some recommended templates would include:

1)   Terms & Conditions

2)   Company History & Fleet Profile

3)   How to Charter/Hire a Motorcoach?

4)   What additional fees/services are included and not included?

5)   Etc.

Setup requires administrator level access under MyAccount -> Admin -> Email Templates.



The Quotation template and PDF is undergoing a major redesign at the moment so based on some great feedback we’re adding the ability to add Custom Fees as standard to your quotes. This custom fees can be specific surcharges that may apply to your area or fees that are company policy e.g. A fee for having a restroom / lavatory on the vehicle.

As these charges maybe standard across the majority of your quotes, you can now have them as default fees that will appear automatically. As with everything with the templates you can overide a standard option on a per quote basis. This should really help insuring that you’re billing as consistently as possible as well as avoiding any possible confusion with your customers.

Custom Fees in TravelManager Custom Fees for Private Hire / Charter Quotations in TravelManager

Custom Fees in TravelManager

*This new feature goes live this week but here’s a quick screenshot of what it looks like in the admin section of TravelManager.



We’re in the process of redesigning the PDF templates in TravelManager for Quotations, Confirmations, Invoicing and Receipts. Based on feedback over the last few months we’ve been adding additional fields such as breakdown on fees, comments for pickup and drop off locations and whole range of other requests.

Mock Quotation Template Design New Designs for Quotation PDF Template – In Development

New Design for TravelManager Quotation PDF Template

The design is still undergoing some final changes but I thought it was time to share what’s been created so far. We’re hoping to launch this update for the 19th of July.

*As ever we always appreciate comments and feedback.



eamonn New Designs for Quotation PDF Template – In Development

In Saturday’s rollout we’ve updated the email templates section with “Cancellation Penalties” so now you can have automated calculations of penalties for a cancelled charter. A TravelManager Administrator can now edit fees based on the date of cancellation ranging from 30 days to 24hrs before the booked service.

Cancellation Fees as a percentage over time1 Charging a Cancellation fee in TravelManager – NEW FEATURE

ancellation Fees as a percentage over time

The software automatically calculates the difference between the date of cancellation and the date of service to generate the correct penalty (if applicable).  This facilitates a consistent company policy and reduces potential lost revenue.

New Merge fields have been added to help display the charges in your cancellation email template so the customer can clearly see the fees that maybe applied to a late cancellation.

New Merge Fields Email Templates1 Charging a Cancellation fee in TravelManager – NEW FEATURE

New Merge Fields for Email Templates

Tip: It’s recommended to include your cancellation policy in any terms and conditions document that you may attach to emails to your customer.



eamonn Charging a Cancellation fee in TravelManager – NEW FEATURE

This is the first of several blog posts we’ll be making about the new Email Template section of TravelManger. After several weeks of development and planning we rolled out the new email template feature of TravelManager in last weeks rollout.

All emails sent via TravelManager either automated / user driven are now customizable. So everything from the quotation widget acknowledgement email sent to a customer that submits an online quote to the customer feedback email are editable.

Screen shot 2010 05 28 at 15.03.00 300x295 Email Templates 1: How to edit Email Templates?

Email Template Navigation

In this 1st post I’ll explain quickly how to find and edit the email templates. Navigate to MyAccount -> Admin -> Email Templates. From here you will be able to see some default templates we’ve created to based on customer feedback.

Here’s a quick video explaining how to edit your email templates:

**Tip: Expand the video to full screen by clicking on the Monitor icon at the bottom right of the video

More posts to follow tomorrow and over the next few days.



eamonn Email Templates 1: How to edit Email Templates?

Today we started the work required to translate the entire travelmanager application into multiple languages.

800px Flag map of the world.svg  Translation of the Entire application

The process is as follows:

  1. “Tag” all screens within the application in English
  2. Enter those “Tags” into the translations engine
  3. Provide End User accounts to the translation engine for those users interested in assisting in the translation process
  4. End Users map the English “Tags” into their language (over 50 to choose from)
  5. Once all “Tags” have been mapped into a language create the translated dictionary file
  6. Roll translation dictionary to beta and test
  7. Roll translation dictionary to live.

This has taken some months to get to this position with a considerable amount of work occurring in the background.  We now have all the systems in place to make it happen and are started at 1. above.


TravelManager Support

In the latest rollout we’ve added an upload facility to attach files to Charter / Private Hire Quotes / Booking. This facility allows for TravelManager users to attach documents that a client or subcontractor may have provided.

File Upload Facility in TravelManager Quotations Updates to Quotation Process and Email Templates

File Upload Facility in TravelManager Quotations

File Upload Facility in TravelManager 2 Updates to Quotation Process and Email Templates

File Upload Facility in TravelManager (part 2)

The email templates section has also been updated with the addition of some new Merge Fields such as “Customer Company/Group Name” and “System Generated Reference”. The layout of the fields have also been improved by grouping them into Customer, Quote and User/Company details. We hope this makes it easier to create your dynamic email templates.

New Layout Email Templates in TravelManager Updates to Quotation Process and Email Templates

New Layout for Email Templates in TravelManager

Finally, the HTML email template has now been moved ahead of the plain text template. The HTML email template is the default template and the plain text template is only displayed if the customer opts to view plain text rather than HTML.



eamonn Updates to Quotation Process and Email Templates

As part of the ongoing improvement of TravelManager we’re always interested to hear from users on how they find the latest changes. So to make things easier here’s a few recent updates we’ve love to get feedback on.

  1. Mandatory Fields on the Quotation Widget (screenshot below)
  2. Ability to edit the vehicle types requested by a customer
  3. Upload facility to attach files to quotes
  4. General feedback on the email templates

We’ve already had some great comments and changes are already in development for this Saturday’s rollout.

Quotation Widget Mandatory Fields Latest Updates – Feedback Welcome

Mandatory Fields on the Quotation Widget


eamonn Latest Updates – Feedback Welcome

As promised in last weeks blog post we’ve rolled out Email Templates this week so you can now create a range of emails to handle regular scenarios during the charter process. You have the full flexibility to have different templates for every step of the process from sending a quote, to confirmations and payment acknowledgement emails and more…

You’ll find the setup under MyAccount -> Admin -> Email Templates and to send this emails just click on the new button in Quotes.

TravelManager Template New Email Button Email Templates – Now LIVE in TravelManager

TravelManager New Email Button

Some of the advance features include:

  • Send both plain text and HTML emails

    TravelManager Email Template Email Formats Email Templates – Now LIVE in TravelManager

    Send HTML and Plain Text Emails from TravelManager

  • Automatically have attachments to your email templates

    Email Templates Email Templates – Now LIVE in TravelManager

    Automatically Attach Documents to Email Templates

  • Preview your emails before sending

    Email Templates Preview with Image and Attachment Email Templates – Now LIVE in TravelManager

    Preview with Image and Attachment

Emails are stored in Notes

TravelManager Email Templates Copied to Notes Email Templates – Now LIVE in TravelManager

TravelManager Emails are copied to Notes

We’ve more updates to follow next week to automatically trigger Status changes based on the email templates you use but more to follow on that early next week icon smile Email Templates – Now LIVE in TravelManager

*I’m running Webinars this week for any TravelManager user that wishes to get some training on this new feature. Email for more information.



eamonn Email Templates – Now LIVE in TravelManager

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