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Documents such as PDF’s or Word Docs can be attached to any email template created in TravelManager. This feature allows for operators to attach terms and conditions, marketing information about their fleet and company or any type of document that would be of value to send with an email template.

As will all features of the email templates the user can override the default options to remove or add additional attachments on per charter / private hire basis.

Some recommended templates would include:

1)   Terms & Conditions

2)   Company History & Fleet Profile

3)   How to Charter/Hire a Motorcoach?

4)   What additional fees/services are included and not included?

5)   Etc.

Setup requires administrator level access under MyAccount -> Admin -> Email Templates.



As the number of TravelManager customers is growing on a daily basis we’ve decided it’s time to start upscaling our level of Customer Support. To start this process we’re moving all our customer support and training material online to a great tool we’ve been evaluating the last few weeks called Zendesk.

Zendesk Solutions Scaled TravelManager Help Desk BETA

TravelManager Help Desk Solutions

It’s a web based customer support that will allow all TravelManager customers to manage their support issues as well as stay informed on the latest updates and search for frequently asked questions and more. We’re hoping to build a community of TravelManager users to share ideas and tips combined with official support material from the TravelManager team.

Zendesk Ticket History Scaled TravelManager Help Desk BETA

TravelManager Help Desk Ticket History

For our regular blog readers you can see the Beta verison live on here: ( before our official launch in 2 weeks with our new website on Friday 16th July.

Exciting times… I might even change my profile photo for the new site icon smile TravelManager Help Desk BETA


eamonn TravelManager Help Desk BETA

**Content is being adding every day to the help desk so keep checking back for the latest help and support.

In Saturday’s rollout we’ve updated the email templates section with “Cancellation Penalties” so now you can have automated calculations of penalties for a cancelled charter. A TravelManager Administrator can now edit fees based on the date of cancellation ranging from 30 days to 24hrs before the booked service.

Cancellation Fees as a percentage over time1 Charging a Cancellation fee in TravelManager – NEW FEATURE

ancellation Fees as a percentage over time

The software automatically calculates the difference between the date of cancellation and the date of service to generate the correct penalty (if applicable).  This facilitates a consistent company policy and reduces potential lost revenue.

New Merge fields have been added to help display the charges in your cancellation email template so the customer can clearly see the fees that maybe applied to a late cancellation.

New Merge Fields Email Templates1 Charging a Cancellation fee in TravelManager – NEW FEATURE

New Merge Fields for Email Templates

Tip: It’s recommended to include your cancellation policy in any terms and conditions document that you may attach to emails to your customer.



eamonn Charging a Cancellation fee in TravelManager – NEW FEATURE

As promised in last weeks blog post we’ve rolled out Email Templates this week so you can now create a range of emails to handle regular scenarios during the charter process. You have the full flexibility to have different templates for every step of the process from sending a quote, to confirmations and payment acknowledgement emails and more…

You’ll find the setup under MyAccount -> Admin -> Email Templates and to send this emails just click on the new button in Quotes.

TravelManager Template New Email Button Email Templates – Now LIVE in TravelManager

TravelManager New Email Button

Some of the advance features include:

  • Send both plain text and HTML emails

    TravelManager Email Template Email Formats Email Templates – Now LIVE in TravelManager

    Send HTML and Plain Text Emails from TravelManager

  • Automatically have attachments to your email templates

    Email Templates Email Templates – Now LIVE in TravelManager

    Automatically Attach Documents to Email Templates

  • Preview your emails before sending

    Email Templates Preview with Image and Attachment Email Templates – Now LIVE in TravelManager

    Preview with Image and Attachment

Emails are stored in Notes

TravelManager Email Templates Copied to Notes Email Templates – Now LIVE in TravelManager

TravelManager Emails are copied to Notes

We’ve more updates to follow next week to automatically trigger Status changes based on the email templates you use but more to follow on that early next week icon smile Email Templates – Now LIVE in TravelManager

*I’m running Webinars this week for any TravelManager user that wishes to get some training on this new feature. Email for more information.



eamonn Email Templates – Now LIVE in TravelManager

**To keep up to date with the latest news and feature updates you should subscribe to our RSS feed and follow our going effort to make TravelManager the best software solution for the Bus,  Motorcoach & Chauffeur industry.

Thought I’d share a nice article from Phil Tonks of Bus Users UK about his experience of using the Dublin Coach iPhone app powered by TravelManager Developers.

Phil Tonks from Bus Users UK was really impressed with the robustness and quality of the Real-Time Passenger Information provided via the iPhone App:

I tried to find holes in the system; I’ve used technology before in several different guises and if often let me down…. But TravelManager proved faultless as I nearly flattened the battery on the phone trying to see if us bus users could actually depend on this technology…” – Phil Tonks

Bus Users UK Article – Dublin Coach

He goes on to say that with this technology takes away the unpredictability of a bus service and one of greatess arguments for not using a bus.

**This is something we find time and time again with our customers once the passengers are informed they can make decisions that reduce their waiting time at stops and this encourages an uptake in usage of bus services.



eamonn TravelManager more than just Software – Real Time Passenger Information

Knowing your customer segments is an obvious one for Business Intelligence and every business has slightly different customers and segmentations depending on your location and operation size. So in this latest update to TravelManager we’ve add the facility to customize your list of customer types.

Customization of Customer Types2 Segment your Customers with TravelManager

Segment your Customers with TravelManager

(You can find this new feature in Account Information under MyAccount).

Account Information Segment your Customers with TravelManager

Understanding your segments will help with online marketing as well to identify opportunities for targeted marketing in new media like Social Media and niche websites. We see some really nice reporting to follow this update later in year to help extract even more information basis on segment buying patterns, travel patterns and more..

Why focus on the mass market when niches can provide more loyal and profitable customers? Do you really know your customers?

If your answer is No or not really….. then you should be using TravelManager icon smile Segment your Customers with TravelManager



eamonn Segment your Customers with TravelManager

Tours in TravelManager now supports resellers, where you can now set tiered commissions for resellers. The feature is an extension of online booking for tours so as well as taking credit card payment* Tour Operators can manage their network of resellers on one common platform.

See all your online sales, over the phone sales and now your reseller sells in one location. Manage availability in TravelManager and yield manage pricing and availability based on demand with access to reports on all your distribution channels.

Setting up a reseller is easy:

Resellers in TravelManager Get Resellers selling your Tours with TravelManager

Add Tour Resellers using TravelManager

And commissions can have up to 5 tiers either for every grade of reseller:

Tiered Commissions on Tours in TravelManager1 Get Resellers selling your Tours with TravelManager

Tiered Commissions on Tours in TravelManager

*If you’re interested in using TravelManager for Tours or to run your business we provide weekly webinars on TravelManager every Tuesday and Thursday email for more information.



eamonn Get Resellers selling your Tours with TravelManager

*Credit card payment’s processed via Paypal but TravelManager has the ability to use 3rd party gateways for companies with their own merchant account and service provider.

It’s been a busy few months and we’ve a lot of new features rolling out every week from now. The first major release of our Tours solution is now live and ready to use with our first customer the Global Passenger Network now accepting bookings online for their tours.

GPN Tours Large TravelManager Launches Tours for the Global Passenger Network

GPN Launch Tours with TravelManager

Over the next few weeks I’m going to take you through all the great features of this new Tour facility but for the moment we think the best thing you can do is have a look at the tours in action.

GPN Tours: Read More



eamonn TravelManager Launches Tours for the Global Passenger Network

Here’s a quick introduction video to from Charles de Gaspe Beaubien the President

** is in Beta at the moment but will be officially released at UMA Motorcoach Expo 2010.

Internet technology is changing the world and today Apple release their vision of the future of Internet access. The iPad Tablet is the starting point for an even more connected customer, but do your staff have the right tools?

TravelManager Lauching App for Tablet1 Is your Business ready for the future?

TravelManager Lauching App for iPad Tablet

If you’re not online, you don’t exist to a growing customer base. This customer wants to work with you on their terms, when and where they want. Is your business ready for the future?

**TravelManager are leading the group travel and transport industry, why don’t you join us when we launch next month at UMA in Las Vegas.


eamonn Is your Business ready for the future?

Eamonn Hughes